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We live in Bad Sassendorf Weslarn, a small idyllic village in the Soester Börde

As natives of Dortmund, we moved to Bad Sassendorf in 2006 and fulfilled our dream of living under one roof with our dogs and horses. Meanwhile, dwarf goats and a small flock of chickens enrich our lives.

Our dogs are family members who live with us in the house and yard. Thanks to our small boarding horse business and our dog boarding facility, you have a lot of variety and contact with other people, children and of course dogs.The dogs love converting our riding hall into a large dog playground with a racing track. When they feel the sand under their paws there is no stopping them.


“We” are Bettina and Thomas Rutenhofer, lovers of the wonderful “Irish Wolfhound” breed and breeders

IWC e. V./VDH.

When my wife, at the tender age of 13, visited a dog show with her father and came into the exhibition hall where the Irish Wolfhound were on display, it was “love at first sight”. This calm and gentleness combined with the impressive size - it was clear to my wife from that moment on

– even if she had only read about Irish Wolfhounds – she had to have a dog like that. This was not met with any approval from my in-laws and so my wife had to put her heartfelt wish on hold for the time being. After we had been together for some time and our plans to start a household together were getting closer, she asked me quite casually what I thought about Irish Wolfhounds. I don't know if we would be married today if I hadn't given the right answer.

In 1988, shortly after our wedding, the time had finally come when the first Irish Wolfhound moved in with us.

Our fascination with these gentle giants remains unbroken.

And nAfter more than 30 years of living with wolfhounds, we created the optimal conditions for us in 2015 and started breeding with our Barnesmore's Caro (called Chloey). 


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