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Irish Wolfhounds

Such a big dog... almost like a horse... they don't get that old... they eat the hair off your head... you can't keep them in the house... Those are standard sentences you hear again and again when you are traveling with an Irish Wolfhound. What do you reply to that? For many years, no, decades now, we still haven't come up with the right answer.

It is very difficult for you - or at least we - to describe life with a wolfdog, at least when you meet people who say the above sentences to you. If you meet like-minded people, no description is needed.

When we picked up our first female dog from Monika and Reimund Rothlübbers' kennel in Gholtsmeding in 1987, Moni Rothlübbers gave me the following advice:  "And if there's something that Diona doesn't understand, you just have to explain it to her and it'll work."  I thought to myself something like: Yeah, it definitely won't be that easy.
But – she was so right. They understand every word, they are so closely connected to us and  look straight into your soul, as a good friend of ours once put it.  “Simply” a very special relationship. Anyone who has ever been with a  Irish Wolfhound  lived together, can no longer imagine life without him. Often a second person even moves in.

For professional reasons, a good friend had to wait longingly for many years until a wolfhound from our breeding could finally move in with her. After a while we asked her if living with her wolfhound was what she had imagined all these years and her answer was: "No, it's much, much better!"

Even if we can't imagine life without the gentle giants, no, it's not always easy. An Irish Wolfhound is usually never full and he always doesn't get enough cuddles. He's not necessarily the best guard dog and actually has very few scruples when it comes to food. They train you to be orderly, they can do endless amounts of nonsense when, in their storm and stress phase, they drag you across the village because you have just seen something extremely important, when they organize a “Wolfhound concert” because something doesn't suit them at the moment , then living together can be a bit stressful. If you then speak to them a little more violently and they act as if you had just physically abused them and then you apologize to your own dog for it when you are lying on the couch in the evening and a 50 or 80 kg dog lies on you, Because he simply doesn't know how big or heavy he is, but has such a great need to cuddle while you're struggling to breathe, then it describes normal everyday life quite well.

Think about it carefully: an Irish Wolfhound turns your life upside down and not only the question: which car can we buy, but also the size of the sofa, the decoration of your house and the garden design are largely determined by your new roommate.

If you are still convinced that you want to share your life with an Irish Wolfhound, give us a call and come visit us.  As conscientious Irish Wolfhound breeders, we will put you through your paces and ask you many questions before a dog from our breeding can move in with you.


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